Our Roadmap

Pre Launch


The World Obstacle Course Racing League (WOCRL) has taken nearly 5 years to research, design & develop. 

The formulae, processes and systems have been tried & tested and we look forward to seeing those “Race Stats” coming in.

It is essential to the WOCRL that the full wide range of diversity & challenge of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is captured, which must include every race, in every country & allow for every type of participant. OCR is still a new sport & yet to be fully defined. The range of courses available today is huge and the weather can make the same event a completely different challenge over the course of a weekend.

Our aim is to help widen and define the various different types of courses to increase overall participation and choice, whilst also creating a fair & balanced scoring system for the performance element of our sport, at all levels of entry from beginner to the very best.

It is equally important that we recognise that OCR is a fun participation sport as well as a competitive one. Many of our participants are involved to simply enjoy a challenge with friends, which highlights OCR as a fantastic platform for people to improve their health & wellbeing.

This is what makes OCR the unique sport it is and the WOCRL has been designed to enhance the participation at all levels.

We have divided the two types of participants into Trophy Hunters  (TH) & Fun Runners (FR). When you enter your “Race Stats”, you will choose your participation type.

Unique Scoring System

We have developed a number of unique scoring systems:

Hero Rating: This is the percentage of obstacles you have faced versus the number you have completed.

OCR Pace: This is your Pace (Per KM and Per Mile) multiplied by your Hero Rating. Our belief is that the fastest  OC Racer will also need to have completed the most number of the obstacles, thus making them an all round OC Racer rather than a fast runner.

Weather Rating: When you enter your “Race Stats” after the event, you will be asked what was the main weather factor. We have given you a choice of 5. You will also be asked how much that Weather Factor affected your race. i.e. you may choice “Sun” & “Medium” meaning the main weather factor was that it was a sunny day & the “Medium” means it was OK, not too hot and dry.

Course Rating: When you enter your “Race Stats” after the event, you will be asked four questions about the course:

  • The Obstacle Difficulty
  • The Obstacle Creativity
  • The Terrain Difficultly
  • The Terrain Creativity

This, combined with our Weather Rating, will also allow to determine the Overall Difficulty of the event compared with other events.

Positional Points: Trophy Hunters will receive points for placing in the Top 30 Overall, in Gender & in Age-Group. These points are based on the position of WOCRL Members only in the event. We do not presume that everyone will be a WOCRL Member. Example: if you came 3rd in a race, according to the official race results, you could be 1st in the WOCRL, if the first two are not part of the WOCRL.

Participation Points: All participants can earn additional points. Fun Runners can generate points through the Number of Events they attend & the Distances they cover.



We have launched with 4 League Outputs & 2 Personal Outputs. During this, our first year we will be looking to create a system to allow for regular constructive feedback to be filtered back to us, so that we can adjust, improve, add, remove & develop where needed.

“Qualification” to & from events across the OCR sporting calendar comes in many different forms. There are multiple championships & series. The WOCRL will look to support all & are open to discussion, maintaining our ethos of looking to increase participation, at all levels, & awareness of OCR.

We are delighted to announce that we are already working with the OCR World Championships. This will help us further shape & develop our outputs to become a valued competitive & fun “qualification” process for all OC Racers.


We decided we would launch with the following Leagues:

  • The Trophy Hunters League – For all those who were looking to push themselves towards the podiums.
  • The Fun Runners League – For all those that entered the race for fun, for a laugh, for some sport, for the mud, for a challenge.
  • The Club League – There are so many excellent OCR Communities out there & a little inter-community competition has to be a good thing.
  • The Race Challenge League – For all to see how the different races were rated by the participants in terms of the challenge presented by the obstacles, the terrain & the weather.

We are constantly in discussion and development for all of our outputs, to ensure fairness, competition & fun. There are others in development including the Adaptive Athlete League.

Personal Outputs

We have created personal outputs for our members:

  • Your Personal Trophy Hunters History – A list of every race you took part in as a Trophy Hunter.
  • Your Personal Fun Runners History – A list of every race you took part in as a Fun Runner.

League Filters

It was important that we created a system which allows for multiple different filterable outputs. This allows WOCRL members to identify the multiple different results, available in OC Racing, for themselves, their teams, communities, & clubs. Therefore we created the following filters which can be used individually or as a combination i.e. do you want to see if you are the fastest US female racer, in the Age – Group 40 – 44, over Sprint Distance races, in January 2020 …. you can. Filters include:

  • Race Name
  • Number of Races
  • Qualifers
  • Race Series
  • Community
  • Country of Origin
  • Country of Races
  • Age Group
  • Gender
  • Distance Categories
  • Year of Race
  • Month of Race
  • Main Weather Factor

Further Developments Planned

We are already planning some developments, new products & services, including:

  • The League of Hero’s page – Our “Trophy Room” keeping a list of all winners of the multiple different leagues & categories.
  • Separation of the Teams and Communities – This will allow us to develop the Team League as well as the Community League
  • More Quarterly and Yearly Medals
  • Race Cancellation Insurance

Final Note

We are not under the impression we have developed the perfect tool for this first version, we know there will be elements that will require your feedback. We do know that we have built a tool that allows for total inclusivity …. all races, all participants, at all levels, anywhere in the world.

This has been built for Obstacle Course Racing as a sport & we look forward to working with you all to make our sport what it is to us already …. the best sport in the world.