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 Due to these strange and testing times, we have adapted ....

We see race directors, communities, supporting services and participants, all needing additional support to help our sport during this crisis .... and after it. We believe that the World OCR League could and should be part of the solution.

The League is now completely FREE to all.

We have also added the New Virtual Challenge League. We invite everyone to help by creating fun, innovative and challenging virtual OCR events, for indoors and outdoors, for runners and walkers, and for everyone to participate to help keep our health and wellbeing positive.

With your support, with your participation, we will grab the attention of sponsors, marketing opportunities and donations to help re-build our sport. A round table will be created, with representation from Race Directors, Communities and Participants to help us allocate these funds fairly and to the right areas.

Your Full One Years Membership to all the Leagues in the WOCRL which includes:

The WOCRL Championship League

The Trophy Hunters League

The Fun Runners League

The Community League

The Race Directors League

The NEW Virtual Challenge League

Plus .... Your own Race and Statistics pages which includes:

Personal WOCRL Championship Data

Personal Fun Runners Championship Data

Personal Trophy Hunter History

Personal Fun Runners History

Please join our Strava Club. As a Member, you will need to.

If you have any further questions, please use [email protected] or use our Suggestions & Bugs Page

We will all be back together in the dirt soon!


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