Insurance Details and Information

Insured Name: The World Obstacle Course Racing League Limited (WOCRL)

Insured Person(s): All paying members of the UK registered Insured Company

Age Limit: Under 66 years of age at the Policy Effective Date

Geographical Limit: Worldwide

ItemSchedule of BenefitsSum Insured
Category A
1Accidental Death£15,000
2Permanent Total Loss of Sight of One Eye £15000
3Permanent Total Loss of Sight of Both Eyes £15000
4Loss of One or More Limb(s) £15000
5Permanent Total Loss of Speech £15000
6Permanent Total Loss of Hearing
(a) In One Ear £3750
(b) In Both Ears £15000
7Permanent Total Disablement £15000
Permanent Partial Disablement Not Covered
8Temporary Total Disablement £100 Per Week
Excess Period 14 Days
Benefit Period52 Weeks
9Temporary Partial Disablement Not Covered
Excess Period Not Applicable
Benefit PeriodNot Applicable
10Quadriplegia 50% of Item 7
11Triplegia 37.5% of Item 7
12Paraplegia 25% of Item 7

Maximum Sums Insured

Maximum Sum Insured Any One Occurrence£1000000
Maximum Sum Insured in respect of Items 1,£15000
Maximum Sum Insured in respect of Items 2, 3, 4, 5, 6(b) and 7 £15000
Maximum Sum Insured in respect of Item 6(a)£3750
Maximum Sum Insured in respect of Item 8£100 per week or 100% Gross Weekly Wage, whichever the lesser
Maximum Sum Insured in respect of Item 9 Not Covered

How to make a Claim

If You think You may have a claim, then please contact Us as soon as feasible with as much information as possible and We will tell You what to do next.

Claims Procedure

The Insured Person must place themselves under the care of a duly qualified Medical Practitioner as soon as is reasonably possible and notice of any incident that may give rise to a claim must be made as soon as is feasibly possible.

Claim Notifications should be sent to: AmTrust Personal Accident Claims
Telephone: 0844 800 6610