Total Warrior

TOTAL WARRIOR – 12K – SUN – ENG – 2021

After a whopping 4,500 Junior Warriors completed the 2019 event over the event weekend, Junior Warrior returns in 2020 for another amazing 3K course, packed with obstacles to challenge the whole family. Suitable for big and little kids aged 6 and over, they’ll be sure to have a blast. For the first time, adults are welcome to take on the course – including most obstacles – with their young ones.

Taking on ‘Muddy Mayhem’‘Canopy Climb’ and ’Slideaway’ to name a few. They will have to run, climb, jump, crawl and slide their way around 12 Challenging Obstacles. Get the camera ready, and see you in the mud!.

Junior Warriors aged 6 and 7 must be accompanied by an adult; for those aged 8 and over, adults have the option to run with their child if they would like to. ADULT ENTRY IS ONLY £5 FOR THOSE WHO HAVE REGISTERED FOR TOTAL WARRIOR ORIGINAL (12K) OR TOTAL WARRIOR HALF (6K). If this applies to you, please email your main event entry confirmation (12K or 6K) to and request your promo code for the £5 Junior Warrior entry. Adults who have NOT entered one of these events, but would still like to run with their child(ren), the price is shown in the table below.

Adults wanting to run with their child(ren) also enter via the ‘ENTER NOW’ links below. If you have any questions about adults running with Junior Warriors please email