Virtual Standard Distance Challenge – 5 KM – Indoor – Running

WOCRL 5 KM Virtual Race

Number of Steps Required = 4,750



10 Press Ups

10 Crunches

5 Burpees

30 Sec Plank

10 Sitting Twists – 10 Both Sides

10 Body Weight Squats

10 Leg Raises – 10 Both Sides

10 Secs Crawling

10 Wipers – 10 Both Sides

30 Sec Hill Walkers


All challenges must be completed in one go. i.e. There are to be no pauses, no “I’ll just catch my breath”, no “I was chatting with the neighbour”, …. no pausing of your watch! Start at the beginning ….. Stop at the end! That’s it! ….

If you do not complete the exercises/”obstacles” correctly, you are cheating yourself! Feel free to ban yourself until you feel you have learnt your lesson!

To submit, there must be evidence! i.e. You need to have joined the World OCR League Strava Club

Adding Race Stats

Once you have completed your Challenge, go to “Add Race Stats” and complete the semi-automated input …. failure to complete one individual set qualifies as one “failed obstacle” when completing the “Number of Obstacles Failed” element. Once it is all completed, submit. It’s that simple.

Weather, Obstacle and Terrain Rating

When rating your Weather Factor during a Virtual Challenge which is held Outdoors, you are describing the weather and how much it affected your time.

When rating your Obstacle Challenge and Creativity during a Virtual Challenge which is held Outdoors, you are rating how hard you found the exercises and the creativity of them.

When rating your Terrain Challenge and Creativity during a Virtual Challenge which is held Outdoors, you are rating how hard you made the route and the creativity of it …. be careful with that ego …. Strava will show the elevation!

Walking Steps

The average person takes between 2,000 and 2,500 walking steps per mile as counted by a pedometer, fitness band, or phone motion sensor. 

We have chosen an average of 2250 per mile/1400 per km

Running Steps

Running steps have a longer stride length and you may take between 1,000 and 2,000 steps per mile.

We have chosen for an average of 1500 per mile/950 per km

If indoors, you can run/walk on the spot or use a treadmill

You have the choice to run the distance or the steps. You can get as competitive as you wish (choose “TROPHY HUNTER” when you “ADD RACE STATS”), but we will not differentiate between timings based on either the steps or the distance. As long as you hit one or the other 🙂


Please ensure the exercises are spread out over the period of the virtual event. Do each set separately, ensuring there is a run/walk between each set …. like an OCR Race! Challenges will have varying numbers and repetitions of sets of exercises/”obstacles” and distances, chosen by the creator.