OCR Series – Race 6 – Amsterdam

Race 6 is the last qualification opportunity in Holland to earn your spot in the OCR Series World Finals. If you thought there are no Hills in the Netherlands, you are wrong. Race 6 takes place during the Strong Viking Hills Edition in Recreatiegebied Spaarnwoude, near Amsterdam. Be ready for many uphill crawls, weight carrying and last but not least; the Arctic Area! Conquer obstacles in the SnowWorld Skicentre with a tempature of -5 degrees. Crawl, jump and slide through to the snow in order to secure your spot in the OCR Series ELITE!

OCR series is a though race series held in 3 countries in Europe. The most competitive race series in Europe with prize money in every race and at the end of the season a grand final, the OCR World Finals.

More info at: www.ocrseries.com