Nuclear Races – The Meltdown – 24hr Enduro

The Nuclear Meltdown is a 24 hour obstacle enduro designed to push you to your limits and out of your comfort zone testing your strength, stamina and mental toughness. The first of its kind in the UK, Meltdown is a unique once in a life-time experience on an obstacle course like no other.

Run as a team or solo. It will be a huge test just to get round; perhaps more mental than physical – there are no hard or fast rules. Expect 14 achievable man-made obstacles (with limited technicality) incorporating a natural route of mud, open fields, woodland and water on every 7k lap. Swing, climb, crawl, slide your way round with various alternative challenge and tasks at some obstacles….  oh and we’ll look to change things round during the 24 hour time limit to keep everyone guessing.