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The World’s First Totally Inclusive Unbiased OCR League

Everyone is welcome
Every race is welcome
Everywhere in the world

Multiple leagues capturing the Competitive, the Fun, and the Creativity that is unique to the Best Sport in the World

What we believe we have created is a competitive, fun & creative way to bring a little balanced competition to Obstacle Course Racing.  We know that some days you could race for Fun (Fun Runners) & other days, you will be racing hard …. against yourself & everyone else.  (Trophy Hunters). We wanted to build something for everyone.

As racers ourselves, we know that every race is different: the weather, the terrain, the obstacle designs …. & all can make a massive difference to the race …. that is why we love it! No two races are the same.

Our different Leagues are designed to help you measure, record & share your performances whether you are chasing trophies or fun running.

Nick TK

The simple facts are …. I am a half-educated grey man, raised in the 70’s with no fashion sense. I understand some of what is happening around me, loosely, & that which I don’t, I am old enough to bulls**t my way through, round &/or over it!

I have a ridiculous amount of energy & enthusiasm most of the time, & my mind seems to do little else other than think up an endless stream of ideas.

I don’t see myself as an athlete, despite some generous comments. It’s the buzz on the start line that I love ….

OCR is more than just a sport to me; it is a platform for everyone to enjoy finding that one percent more that makes a person happier & healthier …. plus you get to roll around in s**t!

An ex Royal Marine Commando, I am now a sports and fitness coach.

Nick T-K

Itch Ward

I was born in the late 60’s, the consequence of a chance encounter between a one handed truck driver and a catholic. I spent my youth wandering the hills around Sheffield, eating Baked Beans, getting drunk and avoiding capture by my parents.

OCR became a thing for me in 2014 when my children invited me to tag along at a Tough Mudder, one OCR became two and two became ten and before I knew it I was in Canada attending the World OCR Championships.

In Canada I was clearly outclassed by much fitter and more capable athletes, I needed to up my game; here, in another chance encounter entered Nick.

We bonded over our love of good food, conversation, OCR and just how poor my running form was. Two years later, we are building an online community together, of which WOCRL is one small part.

Nick has a grand idea and I’m here to help him realise that idea.

Itch Ward

Every Race anywhere in the World

We believe that every race has something to offer every racer; new challenges, new friends, new competition, new ideas …. so the WOCRL is open to all. You can add your race to our Event Calendar for free!

There are Medals to be won!

We willing be offering over nearly 3000 medals over the course of a year in over 150 different categories as we grow …. but do not worry, there are some to win now! We have designs for gold, silver and bronze positions in all of our leagues. Trophy Hunters will compete in gender, age-group and distance categories. Fun Runners will have their own categories for the mud obsessed mileage munchers!

More Filters and Categories Than Any Other League

The WOCRL has multiple filters for you to play with. Are you the fastest OC racer in the U.K over Standard Distance Races? Are you fastest in bad weather conditions? How did you do in your age-group? …. and many many more!